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Are you tired of being
told what to do,
but NOT 
how to do it
in your business?


Coaching Options for You

1-on-1 Coaching

The Power Hour | $120 Strategy Session

I help my clients overcome the feelings of burnout and exhaustion caused by a stressed-out personal life or a business that isn't quite profitable or successful yet.

I teach business owners how to create a healthy balance in all areas of their life, and how to create profitable revenue streams by monetizing their business in a smart way.

This is for you if...

You want to tackle one major life or business issue.

You need next steps that are easy to apply and will give your results quickly.

You feel like something big is missing and want to figure it out now.

Honestly, you want to see what coaching is all about.

Do-it-with-You Coaching

TransformMe Intensive | 3 or 6 Month Coaching

The Do-it-with-You Coaching Intensive is designed for business owners looking to take their business and their life to the next level.


  • You will gain clarity in your life and your business.

  • You will be provided actionable steps and fully guided through each step with Coach Joai.

  • Using our Teach. Do. Grow. framework, you'll be taught HOW to simply apply the actionable steps you're given and not just told "what to do". 

What are the major benefits: 

  • You get a life coach and a business coach in one!

  • You'll get a business partner that's interested in you winning!

  • You'll get a coach that's going to actually show up for you and not just take your investment!

This is for you if...

You have a goal or an idea but you don't know how to bring it life.

You secretly know that you have some life issues that are affecting you and causing you not to show up.

You've been asking for support, but don't have the right people to guide you.

You're tired of wasting your money and time on courses and coaches that are just telling you what to do, but not walking you through the process.

You're tired of feeling dumb or inadequate about things you truly don't know, especially when it comes to business.

You want success and you are ready to commit to a coach that will truly hold you accountable. 

You know you're on the brink of success, but something is missing!

Frequently Asked Questions

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