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Welcome to Deborah's Circle, an intimate mentorship program led by Pastor Joai, designed to cultivate wisdom, personal growth, and spiritual understanding. This program is a sanctuary where you can be true to yourself and explore your faith journey in a nurturing and safe environment.

You Belong Here.

At Débora's Circle, you're not just joining a program; you're entering a community where every woman's journey is honored and nurtured. Here, you will find a space that resonates with your aspirations, challenges, and dreams. Under the wise and compassionate mentorship of Pastor Joai, you will discover a path of spiritual enrichment and personal empowerment.

You're Safe Here!

In Débora Circle, we understand the importance of a sanctuary where you can openly express your faith, share your struggles, and celebrate your victories. Here, every conversation is held in confidence, every story is met with understanding, and every individual is respected and valued.

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