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Coach Joai | Professional Bio

As a transformational life coach, Joai Broughton is already redefining what it means to be a
prophet in the modern-day business marketplace. Through her unique way of connecting with
people, Joai empowers individuals who desire wholeness and freedom by detaching them from
fixed mindsets and behaviors. She is excellent at helping people heal from past hurts, setting
them on a course to a brighter future. Joai preaches a message of freedom from within which
transcends gender, cultural and socio-economic boundaries. It is her utmost desire to connect
others with their greater purpose in God.

Alongside her husband, Alfonzo Broughton, Joai co-pastors Genesis Worship Center in Tampa
Bay, FL. She is renowned for her down to earth, witty & relatable personality which
reverberates through everyone she encounters. Without a doubt, Joai is revered and loved in her
community, congregation and peers alike.

Joai’s story is one of great testimony. Having grown up in a single parent home under the
guidance of an addicted parent, she became a teen mother of two by the age of 16. Her childhood was riddled with insecurities, anger, bitterness, resentment and shame, yet Joai found her breakthrough. She acquired strength against the enemy, through her devout Grandmother who taught her how to pray. One day, Joai rose above her difficulties and turned to the Lord, who
provided succor and saved her. For 24 years and counting, she has been serving the LORD.


Today, Joai is gifted in prophecy and deliverance and uses her God-given wisdom to establish
several businesses within the global marketplace. She is a woman first, a mother, a wife, a friend
and a spiritual mother to many. Joai is also the CEO of several businesses, including her recently
founded life transformation venture ‘Be Free Coaching & Consulting, which caters to individuals searching for their true purpose in life.


She holds a degree in Business Administration with a focus on management. She also holds
many certifications, most notably a Master Life Coaching Certification. In addition, she is a
former Software President of a multi-million dollar company.


Joai’s biggest passion is to utilize her wisdom, insight, experiences, influence and love to help
every person she encounters, become FREE and grow into the best version of themselves.

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